My wife got an amazing job that required us to move a few states away. Cool, I wasn't super happy with my job at the time. Time for me to get a new gig. I landed an interview with a for profit version of what I had been doing. I liked the team I interviewed with, and they offered me a job. It paid about twice (!) what I had been making. Great deal, right?

I was not paid again this week. This is sort of an ongoing issue with my current employer. This job was supposed to be a step up for me. I was moving into management. No more silly hourly pay.

They owe me a lot of money.

I obviously won't include too many details for doxxing, but I can tell you that I work in the entertainment industry. I get designs and turn them into reality. My firm has been robbing Peter to pay Paul for a while, and it is catching up in a big way.

My wife and I are trying to save for a house. Her car may last until the next big car sale extravaganza. It is 15 years old and has 165k miles on it. We are barely staying afloat because of her job and when mine decides to pay me. I honestly don't know what else to do.

I just applied for a bank teller job. I doubt I will get it. I am not qualified for it.